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Rammed Earth

Rammed earth is an ancient building technique that is ideally suited to a desert climate.  Rammed earth walls are built by compacting a soil-cement mixture into a forming system. The final result is a beautifully striated natural wall system that is a compelling visual element for both traditional and modern design objectives.  

In rammed earth structures, the thick earth walls slow the transfer of heat and cold from the outside so interior temperatures remain stable.   This phenomenon is referred to as thermal mass.  Use of thermal mass in energy efficient design is especially appropriate in arid climates which experience swings in temperatures between day and night.   With stable interior temperatures, heating and cooling equipment use is reduced.  As a result, energy and “life cycle” costs can be lower for earth- walled buildings.   

In additional to building custom rammed earth homes, we can act as a rammed earth wall subcontractor for other general contractors.  We build rammed earth walls for residential, commercial and public projects. We are licensed, bonded and insured and our rammed earth wall crew undertakes special job training.

Prime contractors and architects are encouraged to contact Jeff Scheffman with questions about design details, cost estimates, rammed earth codes and specifications. We have decades of experience guiding rammed earth plans through permitting and educating lenders about this wall system. We have constructed rammed earth walls in counties and municipalities throughout the state and welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge and passion.

We have built rammed earth walls for residences designed by architects Eddie Jones, Paul Weiner, Bil Taylor and Rick Joy. Some commercial rammed earth projects we have participated in include:

View samples of our work with rammed earth walls.

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