It's in the details

Authentic Details

Durable materials pay off. They conserve resources, reduce the cost of upkeep and enhance the long-term value of houses.

We recommend and build homes rich with authentic details that age with grace and transcend decorating fads. Our selection of materials includes:

Low maintenance flooring

The ideal floor material is dependent on the room use and the aesthetic goals of our clients. Acid-stained or pigment-dyed concrete floors are easy to clean and durable. Available in earthen and jewel tones, the hardened, naturally sueded effect masks imperfections and dirt. Wood floors are appropriate for any decor. They have a natural flexibility that makes for a comfortable walking surface. Tile floors work especially well with classic southwestern architecture.

Metal clad wood windows

Clad wood windows withstand the punishing Arizona sun and never have to be painted. Exterior cladding is available in eight standard colors. Interior wood is stained to match the homeowner’s decor.

Custom cabinetry

Custom cabinetry is designed to match your decor and meet your specific storage needs.

Elegant finish carpentry

Trim carpentry accents like baseboards, crown molding, and picture molding create a sumptuous polish and serve to anchor and unify rooms.

Antique beamed ceiling

We incorporate recycled antique beams into many of our clients’ great room ceilings to create texture and dramatic impact. The aged lumber has a natural patina and because it has thoroughly cured, it is unlikely to have the shrinkage problems that can occur with green lumber as it dries out.

Cantera stone

Cantera stone accents, such as door and window surrounds, add a sophisticated element that is well- suited to Spanish colonial and Mediterranean influenced architecture. Combined with our masonry wall systems, the weight of the Cantera stone is balanced by the overall solidness of the structure.

Wrought iron accents

Wrought iron balconies and gates designed by local blacksmith artisans are both functional and decorative.

Color integral stucco and plaster

Integral color plaster and stucco means that the color pigment is mixed directly into the final coat of plaster or stucco, eliminating the need for paint. The result is a surface with rich, slightly irregular tones. Integral color stucco retains its color under the sun’s bleaching rays. For clients who prefer paint, we work with reputable suppliers who provide low VOC paints.

Tile roofs

A longstanding regional tradition, the tile roof, is a signature element of Spanish- and Mexican-influenced design for desert climates. By placing mortar (chinking) between the leading edges of the tile the roofs have an Old World substance and practicality to them. Noted Tucson architect Josias Joesler used this type of roof in most of his work.

Rusted steel

The gradient hues of rusted steel roofing, garage doors and accents visually complement earthen walls both in color and texture. The look lends charm to traditional architecture and works equally well in a modern landscape.

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