It's in the details


Since 1994, PureBuild, Inc. has built fine-quality custom homes in Tucson and Southern Arizona.  We specialize in creating exceptional, handcrafted, energy-efficient homes using regionally appropriate building materials and architectural design.  We are experienced in building a broad range of architectural styles—from traditional to modern—using a variety of wall systems including adobe, concrete block, rammed earth, ICF and frame. 

We prioritize sustainability through our use of durable materials and placement of structures on site to maximize passive solar design and minimize vegetation destruction.  But we believe true sustainability lies in building homes of enduring quality that serve the lifestyles of our clients and that grow in value over time.

We build in remote desert locales, in historic barrios, on in-fill lots, and in premier subdivisions including Stone Canyon, Canyon Ranch, Morning Star Ranch, Dove Mountain, Canyon View Estates, and Empire Ranch.  We are also the primary builder in downtown Tucson’s dynamic, mixed-use neighborhood, the Mercado District.  

In addition to design-build services, we can act as a general contractor building from plans generated by outside architects.  We have worked with preeminent Arizona architects including Rick Joy, Paul Weiner, Bil Taylor, Mithun, Eddie Jones, Bob Lanning and Cade Hayes. 

We are also available as a rammed earth wall subcontractor for both residential and commercial projects and have worked with commercial builders including Sundt, Core Construction, Sigma and Concord General Contracting.  Co-wner Jeff Scheffman estimates rammed earth wall projects and welcomes participating in the design phase to assist architects and builders with rammed earth working drawing details.

Whether residential or commercial, rural or urban PureBuild brings a keen eye for detail to all our work.  Fine craftsmanship, use of durable, authentic materials and energy-efficient design thread their way through all our projects, resulting in buildings of character, grace and lasting presence.  Working in close collaboration with our clients, we bring a commitment to unsurpassed quality to every project we undertake.

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