It's in the details

Rammed Earth Development is now PureBuild

We are excited to announce our new company name, “PureBuild.”

We incorporated in 1994 as Rammed Earth Development Inc. and have been privileged to collaborate with our clients. We create homes of enduring beauty in harmony with our unique climate, culture and architectural heritage. To highlight our range of services and materials with which we work, we chose to change our corporate name. PureBuild reflects the authenticity of our construction methods as well as our business ethos.

We still provide rammed earth construction for residential and commercial projects. But we also offer a range of other energy efficient wall systems. Moreover, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond the selection of a wall system. It is the totality of decisions that goes into designing and building a house which determine its timeless appeal. When form follows function, true sustainability is achieved. In the end, we judge the success of our endeavor by how well the home meets our client needs.

Solid. Reputable. Genuine. PureBuild. it’s in the details.

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