It's in the details

PureBuild founded 30 years ago today!

On July 11, 1994 the Arizona Corporation Commission approved our articles of incorporation. In the intervening years, there have been a few changes – notably, our 2012 name change from Rammed Earth Development, Inc. to PureBuild, Inc. to better reflect the scope of our projects. (That is, in addition to rammed earth, we also design and build adobe, CMU, ICF and insulated frame homes.)

But other aspects of our company remain constant, including many of our crew/staff who have been dedicated employees for decades. And we’ve been privileged to work with visionary clients (some of whom on a repeat basis) who value our attention to detail and our commitment to regionally appropriate, energy efficient design and construction. See our Facebook post showing kitchens of homes we’ve built over the years. 30 years and more than 130 homes later, we’re still cooking!

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