Mercado District

Urban Living

Located just west of downtown, the Mercado District sits on one of the oldest inhabited regions of North America.  Old World style built with New World materials attracts homeowners who seek the advantages of both eras.  The mood of Latin America resounds in the neighborhood, whose layout is based on traditional irrigation canals that once were present.  Our Mercado homes draw inspiration from Latin American colonial towns and feature wrought iron balconies, interior courtyards, wall fountains, and integral color plaster.

The Mercado District is an urban environment similar to those found in the great city centers throughout Europe and Latin America.  Adjacent to the residential walking streets of the District is the Mercado San Agustin.  The Mercado San Agustin is home to bustling restaurants, open-air markets and locally owned retail shops, and it hosts many of the City’s seasonal celebrations.  As the western most stop on Tucson’s Modern Streetcar line, the Mercado District is conveniently linked to Tucson’s vibrant cultural activities and business hubs.